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Q6 -Will the proposed development harm the Woodlands and wildlife?

on July 13, 2015

A – full “Environmental Impact Assessment” (EIA) has been carried out by qualified consultants (Brindley Associates Ltd).This study considered the likely impacts on wildlife, habitat, noise and archaeology, as well and traffic generation and social and economic impacts.

The EIA reported on potential impacts of a development and sets out any mitigation measures if required.

The EIA prepared for the original proposal for 100 houses was previously approved by Scottish National Heritage. (Read SNH’s and Historic Scotland’s consultation responses on the Council’s public access portal, Planning Ref 14/00455/PPP

None of the existing trees on Park of Keir will be effected by the proposed development.

A full tree survey has been carried out and all proposed development is out with a 30m stand off so that there is no root damage or impact on bat flight zones.

Furthermore there will be 36 acres of new structured tree planting designed to mitigate any visual impact. This translates to 65,000 new deciduous trees. Only 15% of the total site area of 280 acres is being proposed for built development the other 85% will remain as protected green openspace.