a once in a generation opportunity to create a fantastic grassroots tennis and golf destination that is open to all

Q5 -Who benefit from the Park of Keir development?

on July 13, 2015

A – Everyone will benefit from Park of Keir – The benefits of the Park of Keir development will be experienced in lots of different ways and will have wide spread Social and Economic advantages.

Firstly there will be improved access to a Country Park which will allow anybody to enjoy open and unrestricted access to the countryside for informal recreation, as well as use all of the sports facilities on a pay and play basis. This will mean that families and children from all backgrounds will have affordable access to world class Tennis and Golf facilities as well as other recreational facilities.

Local business and the local economy will benefit from the increased numbers of visitors to Park of Keir. The Facilities and on-site Hotel will increase estimated expenditure in the local area by £5million per year as well as create 150 permanent full time jobs. In will encourage more “stayover” visitors and improve local tourism.

The delivery of the new footpath cycleway from Kippenross to Lecropt church will provide a safer route for those wishing to access Park of Keir or travel between Dunblane & Bridge of Allan on foot or by bike.

The local wildlife will benefit by the improved habitat created by replacing farmland with more woodland and golf course, which will improve bio diversity.

Existing Local clubs will benefit from Park of Keir as the facilities are designed to encourage more families and children from all walks of life to engage in sport and with qualified coaching on hand they will be more likely to go on to become future members of the existing local clubs. Furthermore it is anticipated that the coaching workforce will work along with existing local clubs promote more activities and events.