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Q2 – How can we be guaranteed that no further housing or other development or planning will be applied for or granted in the future?

on July 13, 2015

A – It is proposed that the Park of Keir facilities will be run by a Community Interest Company (CIC). This is a special type of company which is regulated and must be run for the benefit of the Community and not its shareholders . The definition of “Community” in this case will mean the residents of Dunblane and Bridge of Allan and surrounding local area. A special feature of a CIC is that all assets within the company cannot be sold or dealt with unless it is for the benefit of the Community. It is also a requirement that its activities are transparent and reported to the wider public on an annual basis.

The land that forms the golf course and the remaining part of the site within the ownership of the applicant (i.e. the parts that are not being developed for the Hotel, Housing and Tennis & Golf centre) which is being proposed as the Country Park, will be owned by the CIC.

An Asset Lock is a fundamental feature of a CIC and is designed to ensure that the assets of the CIC are used for the benefit of the Community.

The above protection, of all this land means (unless it is in the best interest of the Community) the vast majority of this 280 acre site cannot be developed in any sense.

This we believe, provides much stronger protection than the current Greenbelt status and puts the future control over this land into the hands of the Community rather than the Planning System.

For more information of “Community Interest Companies” read the uk.gov Key Facts document.