a once in a generation opportunity to create a fantastic grassroots tennis and golf destination that is open to all

Q1 – If this land is currently zoned as Greenbelt how can planning permission be granted to allow it to be built on?

on July 13, 2015

A – In 2005 a previous planning permission was granted at Park of Keir for a 150 Bedroomed Hotel including an 18 hole Golf Course which is a material consideration in support of the current proposals.

In considering the previous planning approval the Council considered that the development will accord with Greenbelts in that it will provide areas of recreation as well as provide a buffer that will stop the coalescence between the 2 settlements.

Whilst housing was not presently catered for in terms of the previous planning permission, it can be viewed as the necessary “enabling development” for the wider proposals. Without the housing the proposals for the sports facilities would not be viable.