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Q7- How can the Keir Roundabout cope with more traffic from this development?

on July 13, 2015

A – Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) has been carried out by ECS Transport Planning. This considered the effects of traffic generated both during the construction of and after completion of the proposed development. The junctions within the study network including Keir Roundabout were surveyed by an independent survey company to determine the AM and PM Peak traffic flows.  A model of the junctions was then created to represent current conditions and this is agreed with the Roads Authorities prior to testing the impact of the development to ensure it is fit for purpose.  The development traffic which is agreed with the Roads Authorities from surveys of similar developments is then added to the peak hour traffic flows for the year of opening and the model indicates the additional delay and queues as a result.  The traffic associated with the proposed development was demonstrated to have little impact on the study network throughout the peak hours.  It should be noted that modelling has been undertaken with the original housing proposals of 100 units which is robust given the proposals have altered to 19 units thereby reducing traffic numbers. The TIA for the original proposal which included the sports facilities, the hotel and 100 houses was approved by Transport Scotland in terms of the A9/M9 at Keir roundabout and Stirling Council Roads Department. (Read Transport Scotland’s consultation responses on the Council’s public access portal – Planning Ref 14/00455/PPP.