a once in a generation opportunity to create a fantastic grassroots tennis and golf destination that is open to all


We want you to speak out in support of Park of Keir

If you are behind the vision to develop grassroots facilities which will make tennis, golf and many other sports accessible to all – get involved.

If you are in favour of a development which will nurture young talent and develop Scotland’s sporting stars of the future – please, show your support.

If you are in agreement with a proposal which will bring many jobs, increased tourism and additional income to the local area – make your opinion known.

You can get in touch with Stirling Council to show your support by emailing:

Thank you for showing your support!

Our Vision for Park of Keir

Park of Keir is a once in a generation opportunity to create a fantastic grassroots tennis and golf destination that is open to all. At the heart of “Our Vision for Park of Keir” is a fundamental ethos that these sports facilities should be accessible and affordable for all kids and families throughout the local community. It will be Scotland’s first purpose-built tennis and golf facility for families to enjoy sport and leisure time together. It will include indoor and outdoor tennis courts; a 6-hole golf course; a 4/5-star hotel; a Country Park with a range of outdoor leisure activities including a children's adventure play area, indoor leisure activities; a tennis museum; and a 19 Resort Homes.


The development of a grassroots sporting facility is a long-held ambition of mine.

Judy Murray

The vision is to create an environment where local clubs can interface with the Park of Keir facilities to enhance the opportunities for youth groups to participate in sport as well as providing an “outreach” programme for kids within the local communities and schools.
For the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Park of Keir planning application, please click on the FAQ link here.
Highly trained coaching staff will ensure “grassroots” nurturing of young players creating a steady supply of future members for local Golf Clubs & Tennis Clubs, including Stirling University Tennis Centre.

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